Could A Protein Deficiency Be Interfering With Your Weight Loss? 
Ask Yourself These 5 Questions...
Do you ever have cravings or hunger in between meals? 
 Do you find yourself feeling lethargic, sluggish and having low energy levels throughout the day?
 Have you experienced muscle or joint pain?
 Are there times when you have short burst of mental energy followed by brain fog?
Have you been sick or experienced moderate illness?
If you answered YES to 4 or more of these questions then you probably have a protein deficiency stopping your weight loss in it's tracks!
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If you have cravings or find yourself hungry between meals this could be due to a lack of quality protein in your diet. When your diet is high in carbs and sugar and low in protein your body is not getting the nutrients it needs and triggers the brain for more food. 
Protein evens out blood sugar so it can regulate your hunger and keep you feeling full longer.
Without protein to stabilize the blood sugar you tend to experience exhausting highs and lows in your mood and energy level.

A side effect of being protein deficient is joint stiffness and muscles tightness.

Being deficient in protein results in the loss of T cells which are an important germ fighters. As a result, the immune system can’t ward off bacteria or viruses as well. 
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